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Sep. 8th, 2007

Back at school, once again.  Its good to be home.  The ride up was without incident, which was pleasing.  I sat with Lily; we talked, it was actually pretty nice decent.

Already, there's complaints about the amount of work.  It's really not that much.  I mean, honestly, you're at school to learn, not to galavant about.  Ugh.  I'm sick of my peers already. 

Classes are fine, though.  It's only been a week, but I can already feel that this year will be much more productive than the last. 

Aug. 21st, 2007

So things took a turn for the better shortly after I last journaled. Lily and I finally met up, which was slightly awkward okay hypocritical of me nice.

Academia has also been satisfactory. Private studies have become all-encompassing, and quite productive as well. I daresay I might have a breakthrough if a few of inferences prove to be correct. We shall see.

Is it only two weeks that we have left? The summer flew. Oh well. 

Jul. 30th, 2007

Summer has been, as usual, uneventful. I finished all my work early in, so I've been doing a great deal of private study. Defensework and the like, and of course the Dark Arts. I ventured into Diagon Alley the other day, and ran into the mutt Lupin and Evan. It was good to see Evan, seeing as its been quite a while since school let out.

Back to school in a month. Oh, how I dread returning to the monotony and the never-ending stock of imbeciles. Maybe I'll just move away and homeschool myself. It's ridiculous, really, how little we actually learn.

Jul. 14th, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth.  An unlucky day for some, particularly lucky for others (I believe Latin-influenced countries, if I'm not mistaken?) and... a normal day for me.  I've started the assignments for over the summer, and honestly, a monkey could complete some of this without any assistance.  Why do they underestimate our abilities?  Really, after six years, we can handle more than this.  Oh well.  More time for private study, so I suppose I shouldn't be complaining.

How long are you away, Rosier? 

Jul. 7th, 2007

I'm bloody thrilled that this ungodly term is over.  The last two weeks were incredibly simple; I had begun studying for my exams a month in advance, thus no cramming was needed.  It was remarkable how many of my peers waited until the last possible minute to review what we had learned this year.  One more example of the idiocy that I face daily during the school year.  However, I've finally got a chance to study things that are of actual interest, as opposed to feigned importance.  On the agenda:

*In-depth study of newly discovered poisons and their equally new antidotes

*Production of various potions for sale

*Exploration of ancient Dark Arts technique and theory


A bookish scheduale, as usual.  Being home is such a luxury; the lack of obnoxious twits is an undyingly enjoyable experience.  I've got two months to myself, and I intend to take advange of every minute of it.

Jun. 20th, 2007

Well, thankfully the term is nearly over.  I've got another exam tomorrow, and then I'm free from all this rubbish for two full months.  The excitement is astounding.  No more idiots simply taking up space and polluting the halls.  No more forced contact with anyone.  No more "incidents."  I must say, summer is slowly becoming a favourite time of year.

Off to study.  Got to finish the year with a bang, of course.


I've fallen ill at the worst bloody time of the year.  Can someone in Slytherin let me know what tonight's assignments are?

May. 13th, 2007

So, the term is winding down... I'm not sure whether I should be thrilled to be leaving such a dreary place as well as the imbeciles that recide here, or disturbed by the lack of regularity that my life will soon encompass. I'll have to inquire about some sort of job when I return home... perhaps the apothecary in Knockturn will have an opening? People are always... disappearing from that place.

Testing will begin soon.
I'm not nervous about any of mine except Transfiguration, though I daresay that is not the case for many of my peers. Honestly. If you put in the work from the beginning, the finals won't be that bad... it's commonsense, really. But then again, I'm surrounded by dunderheads.

I'm off to study.

Apr. 14th, 2007

The year's almost up, which is a lovely thought indeed. I intend to work at a nearby apothecary this summer... get some real, hands-on experience. I've inquired about a position, and was interviewed over the break. Now all there is to do is wait.

I don't see why there are students grumbling about the recently increased workload. A few more essays a week will hardly put a dent in anyone's scheduale. You're here at school to learn, not fill your bloody social calendar.

Off to go work on something... a mood-enhancing potion that does not have the side effects of pepper-up... maybe try bee pollen this time?


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